First floor, Queen, connected private bath w walk-in shower
Romantic and whimsical with a queen mahogany canopy bed adorned with delegate lattice woodworking and antique romantic canopy. This was Julia’s chamber in her elderly years enjoying views of the front historical Grand Oak Hydrangeas. The room now is named after Julia’s daughter, Anna, who lived her childhood in the home. This is a high-set canopy bed with a step stool offered for your comfort. First-floor convenience just steps from the front porch and main parlor. A fully remodeled walk-in shower in the connected bath for the guest who prefers easy access. Beautifully furnished with antiques to compliment the room and a private bath with large walk in shower that has a more modern update.  All rooms are wifi accessible, and have updated new amenities to keep you connected in the current world while you relax back in timeless luxury.
Room sleeps 2 adults