Virginia Tech Football Fans Season 2023 and Ringo!

There is so much excitement on campus with the 2023 year kicking off, basketball season in full force, students back from winter break, and the new addition to the VT Police Department, RINGO!

Seriously, we all hear of the support dog, or even the cat or two, maybe the occasional pot belly pig, but who could ever deny the adorable new recruit.  He is a pony.  Well, no he technically is a mini horse, the size of a big doggie but with so much more sparkle!  Showing off his official uniform and side kick “Mini Mom”, Alum Leslie Gregg, he is bringing much attention to the great programs Campus VT Police are supporting. We love seeing extra smiles from small creatures being shared on campus.  Watch for Ringo sightings and be sure to give him a scratch behind the ears, check out his cool boots, and just give a smile.

Virginia tech Football is the latest buzzzzzzzzzz around town.  January 30th, the season dates will be released to the public and ticket sales, dinner reservations, and especially lodging will start rolling along. With the Oaks Victorian Inn being a close 6 miles from the Lane Stadium and Virginia Tech Campus.  We will be releasing all the rooms for reservations by direct calling only for reservations.

Call 888-778-0097 and talk with the Inn keepers for the best fit for the perfect football weekend escape!  And remember Go Hokies!


What do the Inn Keepers of The Oaks Victorian Inn like to do when they have a day off?  Run around campus with RINGO of course!

The Oaks Victorian Inn
1893 Oaks Victorian Inn